Sunday, April 27, 2014

Newsletter~Teaching Update~ April/May 2014

Teaching Update ~ Newsletter
April-May 2014
Semi-private Classes~ I am inspired and delighted that my work is now taking a deeper direction! I specialize in mentoring/on-going instruction of yoga via my semi-private classes, teacher training program, one-on-one sessions, and Foundations of the Natural Yoga Method Intensive workshops.
The Semi-private classes are the cornerstone of all of my offerings. With FIVE students of less, there is a lot of individualized attention, while maintaining the integrity of the freeing atmosphere of group practice.
I now have ascended my view of my yoga teaching as a martial-arts like experience, in that you are encouraged not to see it as an occasional fitness class, but an on-going training experience to empower you in transforming your everyday life into one of passion, personal truth and fulfillment. Develop inner focus, freedom, confidence, and of course, physical fitness. Learn to feel and understand energy, the fabric of our experience. Everything is energy. So yoga is energy work... it resets your sense of peace, clears your chakras, and opens your mind, blowing away the blockages and false views that bind you and keep you from truly living your greatness.
View the schedule at~
Most classes are in Albany, NY and several are in the Rotterdam, Schenectady and adjoining areas...
Summer Tour 2014~ I am planning my first official tour! This has been years in the works. To request a stop in your city, please let me know (!!
This year I decided to focus on New England's lovely coast!!

I look forward to touring twice each year, aiming to broaden the horizons of teachers and students of yoga around the world and maximize the number of beings I can positively impact with my life and light in this lifetime!
Chin Up & Let Go: the Power of the Stars~ I'm typically not too into astrology in general, though I stay lightly aware of it. However, the recent April influences have been too powerful to ignore!! Two eclipses (one yet to happen on the 29th) and an arrangement of planets that put Earth in the center of a cross of other planets has been a force of increasing sensitivities, purging all stale habits and factors, sloughing off of falseness, death/loss and losing oneself. This is not for the faint of heart, as it is strong, intense and painful.
Keep your chin up, because all loss is a lesson; an opportunity for growth and ascension of vibrations. Most loss and letting go is like a spring storm, clearing dead branches, making room for fresh growth in unexpected and long-sought ways.
Focus on light, healing, happiness, dreams, goals, and strengthening your self-esteem.  Always look for ways to grow into the best you that you can be. Strive for inner resonance, and to follow your sense of inner rightness at all times.
Do not be afraid to shine as bright as you really are.
It doesn't matter what others think, if you are guiding by your conscience, inspiration and intuition, you are not wrong. Your path may meander, but this is what a path at best does in life, since it is more scenic and sublime in its views than a straight paved one.
Joyful passion and love are the most important forces in the Universe. And what feelings you resonate in most frequently (the frequencies you frequent) set the course for your reality. Sometimes we have to fight to be happy. It creates a path that brings us more happiness. Be grateful, and you will gain more things to be grateful for. Not all wealth has a price tag, in fact, most is priceless.
Chin up. You are worthy and powerful. Without you, the universe is forever altered... with you, the universe is being changed. Your contribution counts.
So shine, live your heart, be brave, and know that it may be agony to let go of old energies and views and ideals, but they will be clearing the way for a life even more worthy of your greatness and light.
Keep good company, of those that inspire you, and get out there to Nature. She heals us.
May you finally see and embody your truth and amazing light in your everyday life!
Namaste~ Laura