Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Align with Your Design

Align with your true design,
Anchor on the truth you feel..

Feeling is the prayer and what is really real.

Transformation & authenticity

Anchor yourself on your own vibrations explicitly

It's the only way to love and serve and remain whole.

Sun light
Soul light
Guide yourself
By what feels right

Fully accept reality
Eliminate duplicity

Let go of the old

Recognize synchronicity
Dance with it as it unfolds

Don't re-create..the past

Forgive from within
Let go of hate
Fear only brings more of the same
Clear out all the dusty corners of the brain

Throw open the shutters
And drink in the light

Manifest your own truth
Only what feels freeing and right

Love and worth are abundant
Joy and beauty are abundant
And they come from the space within..

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