Tuesday, September 9, 2014

You Have the Key

My skin crawls with all the falseness in the world,
My heart breaks,
The ache is almost more than I can take..
Expanding my heart further, 
To love bigger, 
And become freer..

I see the beautiful light in your eyes,
Underneath your often-cursed flesh,
And I just want you to take my hands and dance..
Oh God, how I want to set you free,
End the tyranny,
See you in ecstasy..

All I can do is run and prance
Along this path,
And with all my heart and soul
Beckon you to join..

But nothing I can do can set you free,
I can only help you if you open up to me,
And fight to stay free.
Only you have the key.

Monday, September 8, 2014

You Are Never Above Feeling

Being on a path of consciousness, never think that you are above, or beyond, or past, having to heal or feel anything.. 

There is much to feel, and even more to heal, and it must be felt in order to be healed.. So the remnants of your ancient wounds are going to rise up slowly over time, to the surface, to be felt.. Scanned, observed, absorbed, processed, and released.. Be it through art or movement or tears or words or all of it. 

It will feel like starting over, all over again.. It will feel like dying and coming alive all over again.. It will feel like regressing into pitch black and then exploding into broad brilliant daylight.. Over and over again. You ain't too pure for this work. Pure ain't even pure. Get yourself off of your sanitized pedestal of detachment, and reawaken your sixth sense.. The emotions/sensations of energy.. And FEEL that.. SIT in that intensity, while you go about your day to day chores.. And NOW you are on the path..

This is not for the faint of heart, the lazy, or those who can't be bothered with emotions.. This is emotional work... Becoming conscious. We are dealing with a universal energy field, for goodness sake..

This is work for us all, in order to expand into the highest level of self-expression, of love, of communication, of success and abundance in all ways, individually. We are all in this together, individually, and we are unified in that.

This work will start to call you by tapping it's finger gently on the window of your heart.. Then years later it's banging on the door with fists.. And then, if we haven't engaged our truth head on, well, reality will burn our comfortable prison to the ground. You'll feel your passion, your heart, your truth, writhing within you, begging, scratching, scraping at your insides because it's dying to be free.. YOU are dying to be free and to live a life, not to satisfy anyone else's ideals, but to truly express your soul, here in this world of form. 

So the question is.. Have you answered the door?? Are you listening to your passion, to what pulls you with delight and ecstasy, what excites every nerve-ending of your mind and every particle of your soul?? Are you answering the call to step outside of your complacency, and comfort zone, to keep growing, to keep discovering, to stay connected to the pulse of life itself flowing through you??

Well, it's never too late to change your answer. 

Go ahead, feel. Feel everything. Let it tear your old self and ideas to shreds. Then, light and free and magnificent, there YOU are.