Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ode To Fact

Just because I can let go
Doesn't mean the truth doesn't show
Just because I shouldn't be in my head
Doesn't mean the energy isn't being read

It just means I can let it go and be at peace
The present moment sets me free
And we have some things about which to speak
But I need not let it worry me

Oh reality
Thick and deep
Filled with love
And intensity
Nigh agony
Under which I could let myself sink
But I will choose to float

Reality, reality,
Preference has nothing to do with thee
I have to choose what it is you bring
That's what I'm discovering
But I can turn my mood around
There's great power in that I've also found

Oh reality
Thick and deep
Filled with love
And intensity
Brutal, almost agony
Under which I could let myself sink
But I will choose to float

I'll take this heart and take this light
And I acknowledge my feelings tonight
But I will believe in what I see
Which says that I am always free
So if you want me, come to me,
Or through unknown the trust will breech
Let me in, with well-placed speech
Needn't be many words, but a crucial few
Open to me and I'll give everything to you.

The Need For Communication

Silent agony
Underneath the sky
Each day lasts for days and I can't lie
Taking me to the edge of my sky
Endless eons lived in every day
But lightness returns when you make your play
Until then..
Like a glacier scraping through my heart and head
With a deep scouring occurring, nothing said
Evolution occurs and I'm forced to let go
Over and over this is the show

I can stand in my feet and so I do
I was not planning to depend on you
Too many times it's come true
You're not the rug in standing on..
Or else I can bet it'd soon be gone

Wonder, wonder, upon a star
I'm happy within and come so far
But what's this pattern going on
Is my desire for response all too wrong?

Desire, no, it's fair enough,
But Expectations are brutal stuff,
And when, and when, they're not fulfilled,
That is when my heart is spilled.
I'm high above so I won't crash,
But this edgy silence stirs backlash.
Your Silence is forcing growth but creating instability,
And a paradigm of doubting that you fully want me.

Time isn't much but it's ancient and vast,
It's only been days but I feel the contrast,
To witnessing, witnessing your rhythms and flows,
And openly seeing how everything goes.

You're an angel and of that there is not doubt,
And I had to let the pressure out.
I cannot level an offense at you,
& I do not doubt that you are true.
But I feel maybe my place is not in your heart
Us not as One as it seems at every start

And then by now I come to bed
And see that this may be just my head
But I'm not wrong, I feel it all,
But I also don't need to fall.

So exhale, exhale once again,
Trust you, trust me, and transcend.

It's not easy with such empathy,
Connected to one who prefers to be a mystery.
A couple sentences each day are not too much,
A tiny price to own my touch,
A simple way to grant me peace,

It's not my head, it is my heart,
A choice must be made to make a start,
Still resisting sharing with me your heart,
I'll hold the space but you must light the dark.

Monday, December 9, 2013

And Then the Moment Passes

I feel so much,
Feelings layered so richly
I cannot differentiate
I cannot anticipate
Like an ocean 
With diverse currents
Rocking me with a gentle rhythm
But with force

Of course, 
I want to scream,
Because it's so much.
It's not bad,
It's not pain,
But so much,
It bears a tinge of agony.
It's just so much
I want to put my soul to it
Just to touch
The face of God emerging
In this submerging,
Pushing my head underneath
Waters I no longer struggle against

I ride the high
Of love
I need no one to make me 
fall in love 
when I know 
my home is within 
My own hearts glow
No where to fall 
After all.
Shining smiling love light
And complete

If we don't ride the wave
While it's high
Say goodbye 
Because you are heading for another shore 
don't ignore your passion
Don't try and play it cool
Keep in fashion
With the numb masses..
Let yourself be what 
Inner urgency presses forth
Let it be, Let it out, 
Ecstasy, cast off the doubt,
Shout your love,
Praise the beauty you see,
Because everything is divine,
My chapel is this planet 
The moment is now 
And my worship is to bow 
to the Soul
Within all
My place is to hold the mirror 
To show & praise divinity
Sacred, playful, miraculous
Rustic and refined 
Show through very face
And place
I find

Let your life be redefined
By your heart-truth
Your freedom 
becomes living proof

Fate reroutes 
when we miss the turn
When our faith 
in the inner voice fails 
it patiently arises again 
and again 
Enticing us to believe
Never judging
Never less than loving
Sweet, smiling love-light
Melting us out 
of our futile fight
Of the flow

But THIS is the moment
So give praise when you feel it arise
Do not swallow it under pride
Too proud to bow at the feet of a stranger
To tell them they are a gem
Hold a mirror up to them.
To tell them of their good
Is to thank God
And to bless them
Support them
Is to know you are
Holy beings

Never be so imprisoned
That you give up your chance
To be Divinity loving Divinity
In every form

Never conform for fear
Because one single entity 
Chose to manifest multiplicity
For a reason--

This life is your cathedral 
And we are here 
To assist each other 
In awakening

Some throw rocks
Others make love
Some give smiles
Hold doors
Offer compliments
Share sentiments 
Our sentience
Our purpose

And no moment will ever come again
Offer what arises
From the well-spring of your heart

Don't deny
Don't edit
Don't filter
Don't be afraid to fly

Each moment designed
To be born, grow
Pass away and die

So when the moment passes
Another will arise
But you'll never have the same chance twice
Stay open 
Heart, mind and eyes
To be the voice
Of the Divine