Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lifestyle Guide~ Job Description

There isn't a neat, clean job title in English to describe what I do for a living.
There isn't an established roadmap or role for this sort of work in our culture.
I guess that I had to blaze my own trail, but that is exactly what qualifies me for this work.
I help people, once they have an awakening, to transition to a higher vibrational lifestyle. One that is authentic to their inner truth.
I help people to understand and trust their deeper experiences, the experiences that we are taught in our culture to disregard and ignore.
I teach people how to take better care of themselves, increase their quality of life from the inside out, heal their spiritual wounds, and become more free, at peace and joyful than they have ever given themselves permission to be before.
I'll teach you just how right and amazing you always were, although our culture fooled you into believing otherwise.
I teach you how to listen to yourself, give you guidance and information, and applaud you as you fly.
This is not a weekend or vacation lifestyle, but an everyday way of life that is as meaningful as you deserve and are craving...
I will not make you dependent upon me, I will show you your own strength and magnificence and help you to build a life around it.
I had no map, I had to find a way to authenticity on my own.
I have walked and continue to walk my path, and I can help you to set foot on your own.
There still is no map.
But I can teach you to read the signs on the trail, until you trust your own skills fully.
It's my life purpose. I was born to meet you and help you on your journey.
One and all.
Welcome to a brand-new, amazing world of potential!