Friday, April 9, 2010

Watch Food Inc. ASAP-it'll change your life!

Food Inc. is a powerful hour and a half film. It brings together the authors of Fast Food Nation & The Omnivore's Dilemma. It raises a good point- Americans don't know where their food comes from. Most Americans are so complacent that they don't care to know, but Food Inc. goes far to make sure that you do know where & what you are eating. And the irony is that once you do know where your food comes from, you'll never again want to be a member of the ignorant crowd. Ignorance isn't bliss, in this case its dangerous.

This is an important film, one that you will want to buy and share with your friends & family. Most people usually put viewing this kind of film off. They suspect something's not right with our capitalist convenience-worshipping disposable food system, but they are afraid of change, afraid of the truth. However, you will deeply regret not knowing sooner.

The most important purpose of this film is the imperetive next step. Food Inc. makes a strong & honest case against a corrupted & harmful system. No one can watch this film attentively and feel good about the food on offer at the grocery store or at your chain & fast food restaurant.

The next step is to change the way you eat. If you watch this film & ignore or accept the environmental & social crimes, the depraved animal abuse perpetrated by this multi-billion dollar industry, you are proving them right- right that we are fools to be exploited for their gains. They treat all of us as their fools- the consumer, the worker, the animals & the earth.

We can accept this abuse, & with it the shorter, sicker life we will live because of the unnutritious corn-filled processed schlock we are sold. Or, with a little more planning ahead & mindfulness, we can opt out, we can eat from a different food chain. A clean one, a respectful one, one that nourishes, heals & protects us.

Please shop at farmer's markets, co-ops & locally owned & operated health food stores. Buy animal products (meat, dairy products, milk, & eggs) that come from small, local farms. Boycott fast food & all grocery store animal products. Eat local produce in season or preserve it through freezing & canning. Grow your own produce, join a CSA, go to the farmer's market. Pack your lunch, use a crockpot to make convenient dinners.

Since our capitalist society effectively let's us control it through supply & demand, vote intelligently with every dollar. Although our food system is skewed to make the most natural & nutritious foods more expensive than the harmful & nutritionally useless ones, we each need to fight the good battle of protecting our selves & families from this nutritional abuse. If you truly cannot find or afford local products, go vegan, (Abstain from all animal products). This is a cheap way to eat better. If your food budget is that tight, you shoudn't buy ANY beverages, except for tea bags perhaps. You don't need to buy beverages, just drink water! Each beans of all kinds, whole grains of all kinds, olive oil, all manner of spices & herbs, & as many fresh vegetables as you can afford.

Thankfully, most of us CAN afford to eat only local produce & animal products. Exercise your right & choose to do so. After watching Food Inc. you'll never want to eat any other way again.

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