Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What are we waiting for?

Why does it seem like we wait for health and harmony to come to us? Can we just get out of our own way on the path to well being?

With thoughts of good intent, we let the narrator in our mind tell us that we are too tired to try, too busy to participate, too old to learn. Don't let the ego block you from living fully!!!

The truth is that we shouldn't wait for the next exciting event to be happy, nor should we wait for life to slow down to present us with an easy time to learn yoga & meditation.

Why do we wait until the future to try and be present? It'll never be in that way.

It is all human nature, our bad habits when unconditioned with self-control; the light of awareness and strength of will power. Will you waste more prescious moments whining and moaning about all the prescious moments lost?

Let us begin anew, each time we are lost to the compulsive thoughts, stuck in our own minds, half-deaf, half-blind, half-numb to the intense, vivid, startling, luscious, raw sublimity of Reality. This is the most important reason that it is worth one hour a day for yoga & meditation practice. It helps us to be Awake when we are awake, Alive when we are alive, to be an active participant in Life.

No longer a zombie, rewinding old footage, filled with regrets & imaginary confrontations and to-do's of past and potential future...not so trapped in one's own subjectivity that all of life is pure distortion...

Notice, when you get lost in your thoughts, the moment of stillness when you catch yourself and wake up, a moment of enlightenment, did you see the colors brighten? Did you witness your senses awakening?

Can we take advantage of the present moment fully? Can we learn to be free from suffering in this lifetime? I can honestly say that while I experience the full gamut of human emotions, I rarely suffer at all, even in pain. That's after five years of regular, but imperfect, practice.

We can do it, we just need to start. And start again. Begin anew each time you fall and soon you will be refreshed, transformed, amazed.

"The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step" - Lao Tzu


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