Thursday, December 23, 2010

natural yoga guided practice CD's

Coming soon, I will be offering guided natural yoga practices on CD. The idea was inspired by my students, who have asked over the years to record the practice for use at home. One of my students directly suggested recently that I offer these CD's. I hear the universe loud and clear!

Natural yoga is a yoga style that integrates mindfulness meditation within the practice of poses, bandhas, mudras & deep breathing. It emphasizes living in harmony with nature and the present moment to discover health, happiness and inner peace. It shares that the secret to our own peace and joy lies in our honest desire and efforts to bring peace and joy to others without exclusiveness.

I hope to have these guided practices ready for the Spring, or at least by the Fall, just in time for the holidays 2011! ;)

Guided practice cannot replace getting a good foundational practice under a qualified teacher. But for those who have established natural yoga practices at the studio with me, these CD's will be able to help them practice on their own at home on the days when they cannot be at the studio.

I would like to offer several different practices. I aim to complete a restorative practice, strength practice, and vinyasa wave- a gentle/moderate practice. In addition I'd like to create disc that offers two short practices: one suitable the morning and one for the evening.

If you have any interest, questions or feedback, please let me know!


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