Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This-moment-asana (pose): a way to be mindful

A trick I have found to be more present and incorporate the some of the same benefits of asana practice when you absolutely can't practice is to think of the body position in each moment as an asana (yoga pose) and use the same motions through the body. So it may be holding-the-toddler-up-to-play-with-the-light-switch pose, or doing-the-dishes pose or just-walking-down-the-street pose, but its all asanas to me! (No, I don't label every action that way, although once in a while I may, smiling to myself- can't be too serious!)

To practice this way, as soon as you are aware of a lack of integrity or some slouching in the body, begin with the foundation, the feet. Push through the feet firmly but gently, and feel the counter-current that helps you to engage navel toward spine comfortably and open the heart up + out through the shoulders. Feet, navel, chest... Foundation first. That is mainly it.

Once you create that kind of structural integrity, notice the difference and notice the breath. Then the rest is just being alive and enjoying it... Mindfulness indeed.

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