Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Love (a poem)

By Laura Harrison

It is what we all desire to feel and to be,
to give and receive, 
it is the fabric of reality.

In the heart of every ache is love,
It is the root of joy and passion, 
Every sorrow and every tear, 
It is the opposite of fear.

Pain is to resist letting love crack you wide open, 
As you struggle the suffering persists, 
So why do we fight
In spite 
Of our innate desire
For love?

Don't fight to stay small,
Dissatisfied, complacent to just survive..
Let love make you brave,
Rip you wide open, tear at your heart,
Expand your capacity to feel.

Feeling is the only way to know what's real.

And why just survive when you have the choice to thrive?

Why close yourself into a small dark dungeon within your mind?

When at any moment love can open your eyes to boundless reality, 
And the ability to manifest your dreams?

Don't pull the covers over your head and turn away.

Don't whine, self-pity and complain.

Don't wallow in judgment and hate.

Why waste this precious life like that? Does it satisfy your soul to be so small and ugly?

Or do you wish to fly?

You don't need to know why..
Or how.. 

Other than to love.
Love is the source of all beauty
In the eyes of beholders.
Love is the feeling of being beheld.
Love is the truth that we are all connected.
Love is the divine within reality resurrected.

Seek love.
Give love.
Live love.
Love is everything.

Weave your inspiration into being, 
By opening what you bring
Into this world;
Your gift.

Let go of the heaviness of fear.
And remember yourself as love.
Love is the mantra, beating in your heart......
Love, Love...
Love, Love...
Love, Love...
Love, Love.

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