Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fate Doesn't Absolve You Of Responsibility

"If you wait for fate to hand you the life you want, while you make little or no effort, and project responsibility for your life outside of yourself, passively into the world, you have no one to blame but yourself for feeling like a stranger in your own life. Stand on your feet and take the reigns, if you are not an active participant in your own life, you have no right to ask anything of life nor others, you have no reason to expect any of your dreams to come true. If you choose to half-ass your own life, what can you expect but half of what you truly want, at best?"

Free Will vs. Passive "Fate"~

There are certainly two major forces at work in shaping our lives.. The world inside of ourselves and the world outside of ourselves. They are inextricably interconnected, as everything is, however, it is like cold and warm currents flowing in a body of water~ opposite energies dance to create balance. This world is that dance of yin & yang, female & male, cold & hot, receptive & active.. And so on. 

We seem to try to be all or nothing in a world that demands balance of both polarities.. We cannot entirely control our inner and outer world. We likewise are not benefitted by remaining passive or on auto-pilot in our inner and outer dealings.

Often many awakening people put too much emphasis on fate. "If it's meant to be, it will be". I believe in synchronicity wholeheartedly, but I have also seen this to be true~ the present moment is the only moment in which we have control, and if you choose to passively let an opportunity presented pass you by, you officially forfeit any fated connected and potential energy therein contained.

If you pass up the love or friendship you have dreamed of, or that amazing job offer, you have CHOSEN to forfeit it. The universe handed it to you, whether you felt ready or not, it gave you a chance to rapidly grow and expand into your own dreams, and you CHOSE to let it pass you by.

Some chances come back around, or another love will come, but some do not return. Some serve as a harsh lesson to never again neglect to seize the day and opportunities to live fully from your heart, and chances to expand far beyond your fear and past habits instead of paralyzing yourself in the sheer majesty of the potential before you. You choose to allow yourself to be paralyzed. You choose fear. You rationalize your choice of fear. You stay small, stunted and safe, instead of choosing growth, expansion, and magic. 

We are best served when we use our receptivity to accept the choices and truths of others and facts of reality in our present experience, but use our active choices, self-control and determination to carve out an inner world, character and lifestyle that doesn't negate our unique inner light, but amplifies it and brings it as potently as possible into this world. 

Self-control is abuse if it is used to deny our uniqueness, if it is used in order to diminish or hide our power as to not be seen nor make waves. Self-control is neglect if it allows rumination, self-pity and faulty habits of lifestyle and mind that simply enable us to be stuck, lazy, and resistant to fully living. 

Receptivity is abused when we use it to be a lazy and passive participant in our own lives, but is a virtue when used to accept every detail of the world and others and current reality as it truly is, moment to moment. 

Use the dance between receptivity and choice/action with awareness, and this is one of your greatest powers to unleash your fullest potential in this world, in all ways. Remember that everything is a choice, even inaction. You must push yourself to be unafraid of your true strength and majesty. 

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