Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Water Isn't Going to Drink Itself.... (poem)

The water isn't going to drink itself, kids,
happiness won't bite you, don't fear.
The groceries aren't going to shop for themselves,
and the dishes aren't going to disappear.

Fulfillment doesn't come on accident,
Life isn't going to live itself,
You can get pissed about your circumstances,
and just decide to collect dust on the shelf.

You can decide to live in playful joy, or
You can see the world with cynical eyes
You can choose to explore and live and love
or to suspect everyone and everything of lies

It is all up to you how you live
just know that you ALWAYS have a choice
that only you can decide for yourself
if you will be mute or have a voice

You can pound your fists and pitch a fit
say it isn't fair and you're sick of it
or you can simply grow up and begin
and see that life is only ever what you make of it

Happiness isn't found in some magic time
without work or chores or wants or needs
the only place where happiness is ever found
is simply in wherever and whatever you happen to be

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