Friday, May 31, 2013



By Laura Harrison
Written March 20, 2013

Sorting all the strands
In my hands...
Of not me and me.

Now that I've got the feel of what's real,
What's everyone else's and
What it means
And how to be me..

Now I'm ready to hold it steady
But not stagnant,
Graceful, fluid,
Like a surfer on a wave,
I'm just living,
And giving,
Not concerning myself about who I'm trying to save,

I know I knew you in a life before,
Thanks for finding me,
reminding me,
Of what I'm waiting for.

I'm not waiting
Like its a bus stop,
And I have nothing left to do,
I'm not dying,
On the floor crying,
Or Thinking I have nothing without you.

In fact I have everything,
and I feel the fullness,
Like moist fruit, heavy on the tree,

And I am drawing together,
The strands,
Of my reality,
Weaving a tapestry,
Of a satin, of
Something smooth,
And sexy and cool,
Something intensely dynamic,
And delicious,
Something epic but not cruel.

It comes through me,
From beyond me,
And I welcome it to flow.
It leads me,
To know things,
That otherwise can't be known.

I'm dancing,
Around an issue,
That need not exist.
About a someone,
That doesn't yet exist,
Creating dissatisfaction,
For no good reason,
Where none need be,
Maybe its a habit,
I didn't quit yet,
Or maybe its my reality.

Is that the struggle,
That's part of the game?
Designed to keeping me longing,
and away from complacency?

Would I strive the same,
If I had everything that I want?

What if I have everything but one,
What if I have that too?
Won't I strive, just to move,
So I don't think its true,
That life will withhold from me,
A piece of my potential reality,
Just to keep me longing..

But maybe I need to learn to long,
In another direction..
One I can't complete,
One i can't see,
And then I can find the other facet that I seek.

There's no way
To decipher
The whole design from one strand
And there's no way
To logically wrestle,
To rationalize
The universe's plan,
From this one moment,
This chapter,
Although each week feels so long,
Just stay present,
Keep shining,
Keep bright and strong.

And one day
Out of nowhere,
Understanding grows,
It arises,
Abruptly and gently,
But solid like stone,
And all the strands,
Come together,
Woven into cloth,
And its epic,
And delightful,
And ingenious in design,
It is beautiful,
More amazing,
Then I could ever complete with just this mind.

The strands come together,
You can feel the future looming,
You can see the past quite clearly,
But its in the act of weaving that you live,
So Stay in the moment,
About the details you can't know,
Concern yourself,
With the conscious choices that you have,
And live your life,
Not like a man running with his eyes closed,
But as an artist one with the craft,
Because this life
Is your masterpiece,
And there is no rough draft.

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