Sunday, June 2, 2013

On Freedom

Freedom is finding the perfect balance of form and energy; structure and lightness, effort and receptivity.

This balance comes of a constant dance with the current reality, it isn't a solid balance, a concrete block, but instead it is like floating on the surface of the ocean.. A dance.

The balance, of all opposites, initiates the middle path.. The path of centered mess and groundedness.. Wholeness.. Yoga.

We have to consciously designate boundaries.. Emotionally, and physically, and keep reassigning these boundaries as we evolve and life happens and the truth changes. And within and beyond these energetic structures, we must expand infinitely, organically and creatively, without limitation or self-conscious restraint. It's a dance.

This is why in my asana classes I offer very structured traditional yoga poses-structure, alignment, boundaries, geometry... And also integrate free-form individual creative movement that is completely unstructured and emanates from the direct experience of the present moment- spirals, expression, lightness... Freedom is dance between form and boundless spaciousness... The harmonious interface of spirit pouring into the physical through our bodies. This is our task to accomplish: be energy beings and express vast limitless force while mastering this physical layer of our manifestation, respecting its limited nature, in order to transcend all of its limits.

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