Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Struggle is Part of the Game

As a butterfly MUST struggle its way out of the cocoon in order to force the blood into its wings, so must we experience discomfort, struggle, and sometimes misery.

Like the late Winter and early Spring ices and storms, and wild Spring and Fall winds tear branches from the trees, pruning them for more abundant growth, we must shed the husks of old ideas, habits and world views that no longer serve us, and no longer are a fit for who we have evolved to become.

As we raise our vibrations foods, mentalities, actions, colors, styles, and other people may cease to resonate or compliment who we now are.. And that is okay.. That is part of the path.

There is a time when we first wake up and begin to align ourselves with our inner truth, we go through a massive shedding, and lose many of our interpersonal connections. However the period of loneliness that ensues is a necessary introspective period; our time in the cocoon.

When we are much more anchored in our new base wavelength, new experiences and people will come to us; ones that uplift, inspire, nourish, and compliment where we are, and who we truly are.

So when those days come, when we can't shake the blues, the blahs, or we are immersed in heartache, know it is the wild storm, teaching, cleansing, realigning... Know that even loss is for our growth, purpose and greatest good.

Anchor your sense of self in your soul, your heart and truth. Don't anchor in roles, labels, tragedies or diagnosis. You are not these things. Always remember that you are an eternal spirit, a being of loving light dancing in a role that is this lifetime, in order to develop the skills of bring the Divine spark into the physical word through the interface of physical body and metaphysical spirit.

And the struggle is part of the game..

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