Monday, August 18, 2014

What Are You Really Looking For?

Why can't I sleep? Why can't I sleep???

Your mind is busy. Why is it busy? It's so accustomed to instantly moving that it's a habit to avoid slowing down.. When you let yourself slow down, you feel everything you were avoiding..

What are you avoiding? Are you lonely? Are you healthy? What are you feeling and how does it differ from what you want to feel?

Know that it is YOUR responsibility to create health and happiness within yourself and no one else's.. Having a partner won't fix that. Likewise, if you have a partner, it's STILL your responsibility to make yourself feel right and good.. Take action, make changes.

Pay attention to what you are REALLY feeling.. What is the conversation underneath the conversation? What is felt? What are your true desires and motivations? Can't you start to bring your words into alignment with THAT instead of just speaking on the surface?

Can you take full hold of your actions and reactions and make them into something that you are proud of, something that amazes you?

We can't control others. We can't force sleep, love or true balance for that matter.. But we can set up conducive circumstances, and let ourselves flow into it..

May you flow into love, harmony, and luscious sleep!

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