Monday, September 27, 2010

Celebrate Compassion Week at the studio

Here at the natural method yoga studio, we are celebrating compassion this week (and always). This is the week leading up to our Walk for Farm Animals & anniversary celebration on October 2nd.

Please make it a point, if you've been waiting to try yoga, to come this week! At the same time, please make even a small donation to help support Farm Sanctuary's work in the name of compassion for all living beings.

Our anniversary celebration follows the walk. From 1:30-3:00 we will share delicious vegan foods (including lucious brownies!), share our hopes for our community & you can sign our special poster with a statement about what yoga means to you.

Take our vegan challenge! Go vegan for one month. You will improve your health, lose weight, feel energetically more harmonious, cleanse toxins from your body, & not be funding the cycles of suffering for millions of animals in factory farms anymore.

Learn more on our website's vegan resource:

DON'T FORGET that to have a yoga & community center last, it needs participation! Carpe Diem! Sieze the opportunity to practice peace & be part of a yoga community! Once a week is all it takes to start!

This week we are hoping to launch the NEW WEBSITE, same address, new look. It will be neater, filled with more peace, more information, more mindfulness than ever! It will lauch next week at the latest!


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