Saturday, October 2, 2010


Celebrating our 5th Walk For Farm Animals + 4th anniversary, we are offering you a challenge...
A challenge is an opportunity for growth. This challenge is an opportunity to detoxify your body & mind, to lose weight, heal your body, spare animals from terrible suffering and maybe change your life!
Our Compassion Challenge is to go vegan for 1 month. You could go vegan for one day, one meal, or one week too. But after 2 weeks, you'll crave less junk, you'll begin to cleanse, lose unwanted weight, feel lighter and healthier. One month will give you a fresh start in life. Why go back to a diet of unhealthy, addictive, toxin-filled, cruelty-ridden food?
There is a resource on our website to help you understand why, what & how to eat a whole-food plant-based diet and feel great- mind, body & heart. Visit it at .

We'd love to hear your stories, how you feel, what you experience during the challenge. Reading "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell will help inspire you! Let this month be a spiritual journey into deeper truth & compassion. View Earthlings or read Meat Market by Erik Marcus to understand the truth of what we support when we buy meat, milk, eggs (& wool, leather..).
I deeply hope that you'll rise to the challenge. Let it open your heart, improve your health & deepen your peace!

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