Saturday, October 16, 2010

The future of our yoga community is very bright...

I am delighted to share with you all my vision of the future for our little yoga studio! It is bigger & more beautiful then I would have ever envisioned four years ago at its start. The ultimate unfolding of this plan will be subject to the evolution of the universe, as are all things.

We are going to acquire one of Amsterdam's empty homes, and bring it back to life through volunteer service. If we become a non-profit as I am almost positive we will, then all of the donated time, labor & materials will be tax deductale, as allowed by law.

The result will be a clean, simple, spacious sanctuary. The total contents are subject to the actual building we acquire, but the fundamental layout will contain: a large main studio, a children's studio, a small reception area, and a lounge area for reading, studying & relaxing. I intend on allowing use of the kitchen for folks to fix themselves a cup of tea, etc.

Besides offering an expanded schedule of yoga classes, I aim to offer a children's yoga program, art & music classes. I also want to build a strong sense of community. We will achieve this through hosting various groups or clubs ( a universal spiritual meditation group, a vegan group, a hiking club, a women's empowerment group...) and offering a large bulletin board space listing local opportunities for service, offerings of services such as tutoring, service travel opportunities worldwide and various workshops & studies for personal growth.

Our mission would be to share enlightening services with children & adults regardless of income, helping to share the power of present moment awareness through yoga, meditation, nature, art, music, learning, listening, movement & community service.

We would create positive, open-minded & compassionate community through our offerings, by hosting groups & by helping people to make friends through coming together for service, learning & sharing.

Other ideas would include the possibility of bedrooms for retreats & a special small space for private lessons. We may sell some basic eco-friendly and yoga products. It would be a dream down the road to offer a small vegan cafe as well! From the start I'd like to offer a weekly vegan soup kitchen or at least a once-monthly community vegan meal.

We will keep things simple staff wise, but we may in time employ 2 part-time receptionists, a person in charge of maintanence, and if the vegan cafe manifests, 4 or so cafe employees (at about 32 hrs each every week). This is not to mention myself, and 2-4 'independent contractors' to teach the children's classes & full schedule of yoga & meditation classes.

If you've read this much, I hope you are really excited! Please let me know your feelings, feedback, suggestions & requests! Also, I offer you the chance to help name this yoga, community & children's center.

Name ideas we like so far:

yoga, community & children's center

namaste center for mindfulness

one breath
yoga, community & children's center

one sky
yoga, community & children's center

the giving tree
yoga, community & children's center
(if I can get permission to use that name, I really love it & its a beautiful children's book by Shel Silverstein)

blissful nature
yoga, community & children's center

As always, your feedback is so valuable. This won't be a community center without community!

Be excited, and work towards future goals, but stay present as you do... That is our mindset.

If you have any services that you can add to this idea and you want to be a part of our community in that capacity, let me know!

If you know any yoga teachers that may want to be part of a growing studio, let them know!

Suggest that your friends Like us on facebook.

Commit to one class each week, maybe with a group of friends.

Let's not let habitual pessimism about what "can or can't exist in Amsterdam" get in our way. I believe it is up to each of us to create the kind of community we wish to see, here & now. We need to manifest it, not just imagine it. Join us as we embark on the next leg of our journey!


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