Friday, January 28, 2011

Donate your old ipod classic to a good cause

If you have upgraded from an ipod classic to an iphone or ipod touch, and have that old classic collecting dust, perhaps you have it in you to donate it to ~Enlighten~.

I do not want to arouse anger in anyone, so please don't feel upset, but our ipod was stolen. As you know, our ipod supplied all of the tunes for yoga, bellydancing, kid's classes and more.. I feel inconvenienced, not angry. Anger only harms the one which feels it.

So, if you have an old ipod to donate we would greatly appreciate it. Even if you don't, you can help us by sending a lovingkindness meditation (or prayer for) to the one(s) that stole from us, hoping that they'll be free from suffering, have happiness and have a change of heart. We should wish that for their own sake and the sake of all of us, they will stop harmful actions like stealing. Who knows, maybe our ipod will come home.

Everything that happens is a direct result of karmic seeds that we have planted throughout countless lifetimes. Instead of harboring ill-will or anger, the best we can do is diffuse the negativity, accept the situation, and make sure not to perpetuate the same error ourselves.

no anger, only love. Namaste.

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