Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Only Secret to Lasting Beauty

The Only Beauty That Lasts is the Beauty Cultivated Inside...

Our culture is so fearful of old-age, so afraid of losing our youthful looks, and so distrusting of our value beyond the outer appearance.

 As we grow out of our angelic baby body into a full-sized adult body and reach the peak of growing, then hitting the beginning of our dissolution back into the earth, many people panic. 

We are shown in the media that we are supposed to look the same forever, to never age or if we do age, we should never wrinkle, or if we should wrinkle, we should immediately seek plastic surgery.

All too infrequently are we told, or less frequently shown, that the only beauty that will last is the beauty we have cultivated inside of us. As we age and our body dissolves slowly back into the earth, the world will see how we have lived, how we have loved, and what goodness and light we have liberated within us or what darkness and hate we have allowed to fester.

So instead of wasting precious moments of our lives looking for cold creams, expensive treatments and surgeries, or painting ourselves up because we can't stand to face ourselves in the mirror, perhaps that time is better spent cultivating the only beauty that is true, lasting and real.

I found this picture on a blog, the title links to it. It is an American Buddhist monk's blog. He shares a video about the magnificent yoginis and nuns of a special place in Tibet. When you look at her, do you see her as beautiful? Do you see the light that shows through the surface, illuminating her? Inner peace, inner beauty, shines from us. The more we cultivate it, the more brightly it shows, making the otherwise "less than beautiful" of the world look gorgeous, even to the eyes of some materialists.

Yet another reason to practice mindfulness, yoga and meditation, they make us beautiful, or they unleash our inner beauty. Let the practice of kindness, compassion, joy and equinimity be your beauty regime. Let the goodness you live and the bounds of your love be your make-up.As your body dissolves back into nature, let the light of your heart shine brighter and brighter.


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