Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Glimpse of the Ultimate Reality

There are moments in life when, through a touch of grace, we can catch a glimpse of how the universe works. These are the moments when something we've longed for (or never knew we longed for) finally comes to be, and our mind flashes on numerous ways it was foreshadowed throughout our whole life.

Sometimes its something big, like becoming a parent or finding our life's calling. Sometimes its tiny, like finding deep fulfilment in trying a new hobby, travelling or finding something small out about ourself. What all these kinds of openings or discoveries have in common is that they trigger a feeling of release, a feeling of excitement and peace at the same time. It feels like one more heavy layer of illusion is dissolved, one more piece is in place, there is a small liberation that for a moment feels infinite..

Have you ever felt that way in your life? Have you felt liberated in any way, reborn, or suddenly more clear? It is as if we finally understand something that has been whispered so softly and for so long, that no matter how deeply we tried or struggled to hear it, we never could.. Until now. Its like we've been drunk for so long, and finally realize a new level of sobriety. Back to our senses, we are crystal clear once more, but like we never were before.

These moments that leave us feeling more whole, these peak experiences, trigger the reflection of those whispers, the foreshadowing of this powerful experience.

Upon that realization that years of your life built up to this very moment, it is tempting to indulge in wasteful and useless wondering "what if", what if you figured it out sooner. But if we can resist that purposeless lamentation, we can feel and see, as an artist sees, how life works, how life is constructed, how the universe unfolds. At least for a moment, just this one thread of this one life, which is but a thread of the infinite tapestry of the One Life that is omniscient and omnipresent.

Words are mere symbols pointing to an idea of an experience so big, it cannot be contained. Every time we touch it, we are opened, and the next time experience it more fully, consciously and clearly. The experience is much more real than words can ever be, and certainly more real then the "business as usual" way too many people live.

May the beauty of reality shatter the heavy chains, sober us all up to the infinite ecstatic bliss that is this life. May we all experience the ultimate reality, for much more then a glimpse.

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