Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lie down in the green grass...

These few lines of the Tom Waits song "Green Grass" ring in my mind, especially as I walk my son through the local park. If I interpret them correctly, they are positively Yogic, they sound to me like they could just as likely come from Rumi's mouth...

"Clear the thistles and brambles,

whisper dinty rambles.

Lie down in the green grass,

remember when you loved me.

Stand in the shade of me,

things are now made of me.

And the weather vane will say,

smells like rain today.

God took the stars and he tossed 'em,

can't tell the bird from the blossom.

Lie down in the green grass,

and remember when you loved me."

~Tom Waits

I think it's a beautiful and relavent idea. Let's lie down in the green grass, let's just breathe. Let's remember our love of life, our gratitude, by being present. Get drunk on sky, watch the clouds undulate above. Remember to let go of the thinking, let it disappear on the wind. Let yourself disappear on the wind. Let it all pass through and just be the serene witness that witnesses it all without shape, form or prejudice. Just be the Divine Breath that breathes it all.

How can we not question the meaning of life when we think it is all about material gain and appearances? Isn't it, if anything, about the quality of our experience? The depth? The ability to feel unshakable peace within? To give and receive unattached, unselfish, unconditional love? Isn't our true wealth our health? Isn't the greatest gift just being with loved ones, really being present together? This is all within our grasp right here and now- and it begins with one mindful breath.

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