Sunday, May 15, 2011

What exactly do you mean by spiritual?

Ask 50 people what spiritual means, and you may get 50 definitions. Yet, so many diverse people agree that yoga is spiritual. Yoga is not religious, but can combine with any religion as one wishes. Yoga is a universal, scientific tool for expanding the consciousness, and along the way realizing highest well-being of mind and body as well.

Personally, I feel directly the spiritual nature of yoga. What I mean by spiritual is 'pertaining to the deeper level of life, the profundity, sublimity, and deep appreciation of the awe-inspiring intricate interconnection of all life and actions'. To me, spirituality is about attentiveness, seeing reality as clearly as possible. In the process of seeing, we feel connectedness, we recognize ourselves in others. Separation dissolves. Spirituality is an appreciation for the inherent value of each moment and each life, part of the whole.

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