Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Peace and health don't happen on accident...

We have to create a lifestyle that is condusive to health and inner harmony if we wish to feel wellness and wholeness. We cannot put off healthy choices, indulge in lazy avoidance or ignore our needs. It can be a challenge to make time for self-care, but without it our presence and well-being suffers, subtracting from what we have to offer others. When we hurt ourselves, we hurt the world around us.

Prioritize listening to your needs. If you have children, make sure to teach by example the importance of good self-care. That means not just taking care of the outside appearance, but eating whole, natural plant foods, drinking plenty of water (and no sodas or sugary juices), getting active everyday, having a full night's rest and practicing mindfulness and meditation.

Practicing Yoga regualary can help make the body and mind feel like a million bucks. Ignore slight cases of fatigue or resistance to practice. Come to the mat without expectations and pledge to feel everything openly. Let the energy come to you as you begin.

Practice mindfulness or seated meditation everyday. Mindfulness can be woven into everything you do. Get in touch with nature as much as possible everyday as well.,

Making a true commintment to practice regularly will not only transform your life, but the lives of those around you. If not for yourself, practice for the sake of all living beings.

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