Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jai ma! (Salutations to mother earth!)

I feel so ecstatic I can hardly write. I feel the beat of prana pulsating through me to the rhythm of Aum. I am so alive. Maybe not in samadhi, but certainly somewhere in between, in the doorway between, dervish in the doorway.

Everything is alive, growing, pulsating, reaching to the light and glowing by the night. If I am anything other than an anomoly then its working, this whole Yoga Sadhana, the natural yoga method.

To shut the windows and be closed in the house is to die a little death. I mourn the severing of the umbilical cord of fresh, living breathing air. If I cannot smell that 'nature' smell on my son's hair and on my clothes, we have not been outdoors enough. To be stuck inside is to be half-dead, babbling, stark-raving mad, disconnected. It is a miracle we survive the Winter, but then again, we go out then too. We have to connect to the mother beat, primal spacious experience.

Clear your home of clutter. Throw the windows open- it's all or nothing really, either its too cold to keep your house that temperature or else they are opened all the way. Rip down the curtains and bathe in sunlight. Drink crystal clear pure water, and feel it soak into your insides like water into a dry, thirsty sponge. Say 'thank you' to the water. While you're at it, say 'thank you' to the sun, sky, rain, soil eco-system, plants, insects, birds, farmers, truckers, stockers, and the dinosaur that died a million years ago to create the petroleum that was refined to the diesel that got your food to you. And tell me again how self-reliant you are?! They all danced to bring your wheat to the table. They all sacrificed life force, some surrendered their forms, their life, just so that you, you know who, could sustain your life.

And what will you do with this one very precious life? Will you chase payments, objects, praise and look for something lasting in a world of transience? Or will you be alive so fully in each moment that you remember that you are the dance that dances life into being? Will you live in a way that is limited, polluting, enslaving to yourself and your fellow creatures? Or will you live spacious, loving freedom and set others free with your thoughts, actions, and choices?

Nature is a pure crystalization of the source of life, nature does not manifest contrary to the will of Life Itself. To become one with nature is to be so close to the breath that breathes us all. To be natural is to seperate from all the toxic avenues for mind and body and come home to present moment wholeness, and live every moment in love and non-harm.

Let the breeze caress you, the sun warm your skin, touch the living earth with your bare feet. Contemplate the billion organisms living in every teaspoon of healthy dirt, the interbeing of which is the dirt. Is the dirt a solid object, or an entire world? The rainforests are the lungs of the earth, taking one breath each year, in and out. But we have carved out chunks of her flesh, did she suffer from a cancer called humans? Can a cancer learn to nourish its host and no longer put to death the very ground of its survival? Can we nourish the earth? Can we care more about life and less about plasticy stuff or what rot is on the tube tonight?

Oh mother earth, living, breathing earth. We are just cells in your body, we are cells out of control. Just as our cells are individuals, our tissues are communities, our organs countries, our body a world- so too with you. Let us nourish you while we nourish ourselves. You give us everything we need to live an amazing adventure. We do love you, and we do care. jai ma!

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