Sunday, April 3, 2011

Enlighten~ing offerings for all ages:

Since growing into a community center we are beginning to spring to life and blossom with fresh new ideas + offerings. We strive to serve the whole community. Here is a list of our current + future offerings for children, teens and adults.

For kids: (6 mos. to 10 yrs):

*little yogi playgroup

*sprout yoga for toddlers

*family yoga

*afterschool yoga program for ages 5-7 + 8-10

*we are hoping to have kindermusik, speech therapy + art therapy someday

For youth (11 to 18):

*welcome in any adult yoga class

*opportunity to start their own groups at Enlighten

*hope to have a monthly Friday Night Dance Rave 8-10pm: no drugs, no alcohol, no shoes. Just loud music and dancing.

*Inspiring information about volunteerism + volunteer travel opportunities around the world

*hope to soon have poi spinning classes

For adults:

*yoga + meditation classes

*private lessons

*inspiring volunteerism and service travel info

*hope to have poi spinning classes soon

*hope to have summer retreats beginning in the next couple years

*summer "introspective art" workshop series

If you would like to make suggestions, volunteer, or perhaps offer your holistic service at Enlighten, please let us know! Namaste!

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