Friday, April 22, 2011

Seed festival~ grassroots gathering

In connection with enlighten~ yoga + community center we will offer the Seed Festival Grassroots Gathering as an annual event, here in Amsterdam NY.

The event's mission is to offer lots of free information about healthy, eco-friendly, natural and interconnected living; empowering locals to make conscious, informed lifestyle choices and enabling a strong, joyful sense of community.

The gathering is offered as a solution for the common complaint, "there's nothing to do here". To that, we offer the festival, our community center, and a challenge in the form of a motto- "We believe that it is each person's responsiblity to create the kind of community they wish to see. Don't complain! Live vividly, participate, create!"

The debut will be in May or June of next year (2012), and the festival will run from the afternoon into the evening. It will be held at Riverlink Park. There will be information tables set-up by topic, offering free information on subjects like hydration, energy medicine, vegetarian (vegan) lifestyle, yoga, meditation, eco-friendly living and more. There will be a bounceybounce for the kids and a farmers market as well. Artists will be invited to display their works & crafters their wares.

Well-known speakers will be invited. Speakers will offer inspiring information and moving reasons why we should take good care of ourselves and each other. There will be a group meditation offered, and a playful group yoga session.

There will be an abundant and delicious vegan feast for all to enjoy. Donations will be accepted to fund the experience, but admission will be free.

The evening will hold a public yoga chanting workshop, drum circle, and live music. The evening will culminate with a fire-spinning performance.

We will be going for zero-waste, using the least amount of energy possible, selling or offering no food with packaging and selling very inexpensive stainless steel water bottles (with free refils) instead of bottled water. We will purchase carbon offsets after paying our expenses to balance the energy used. Giveaways will include cloth bags and any other eco-friendly items we can get our hands on.

Volunteers and donations will be needed to make this amazing event a reality. If you are an artist, crafter, musician or performer and are interested in participating, please let me know. We need many volunteers- two for each table, four for the water set-up, four for the meal... We will need donations of food, dish service, insurance, PA system, cloth bags, and possibly even the stainless steel water bottles. We will be applying for not-for-profit status very soon, so when that is complete, all donations will be tax-deductable.

Your comments, suggestions, and enthusiasm will also help fuel this project. Very soon T-shirts will be available for order to raise funds for this awesome endevor.


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