Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Natural Yoga Method

Enlighten mainly offers Natural Yoga. Here is a little information about it...

Natural Yoga is a blend of mainly Yoga practices and philosophy with Buddhist meditation and philosophy, with a strong focus on respecting, protecting and connecting with nature.

Natural Yoga is based on universal philosophy that compliments all spiritual/religious paths. It offers practical, health-enhancing, life-affrming and inspiring practices intended for daily use.

The most important daily practices are mindfulness, proper posture, non-harm and connection with nature.

Weekly, or ideally, daily asana (Yoga pose) + meditation practice leads to top physical health, mental clarity, confidence, deep peace, greater awareness, and leads one along the path toward enlightenment.

Four Main Ideas:

Vinyasa: (meaningful flow of exeriences) Life is precious and every moment is meaningful. Life is primarily a spiritual journey. It is up to each of us to not waste the gift of life we have been given.

Smriti: (presence/remembrance/mindfulness) Practicing mindfulness (on the breath, on the bodily sensations or on consciouness itself) is the important practice of being present. If we are not present in life, we are absent from life. Mindfulness is a powerful catalyst for growth, transformation and liberation.

Avinaabhava sambandhu: (all life is inextricably interconnected) We slowly realize that all life and everything is thoroughly interconnected. Everything act, thought, and deed counts, all life is sacred, and there is no "time out" from that. The earth is our home and we are ALL inextricably connected to the whole of the planetary and universal eco-systems. We are all inextricably interconnected with all that is.

Ahimsa: (non-harm) recognizing the oneness of all that is, we recognize the right of every being to peace, health and joy. In order to uphold our own joy, we must rise to every opportunity given to us to alleviate the suffering of others. We must not ignore our "heart", but live as a celebration of life.


So many paths... One goal. What is enlightenment? The realization of the oneness of being. What does this mean? First recognizing that all that exists is thus part of the whole of Existence... Then walking the long road and doing the inner work required to dissolve the attatchment to individuality and become whole and wholly connected to all that is. Along the way the mind and body are brought to peak health and harmony. The process unlocks the fullest potential in all ways.

**************************** is being developed to share the philosophy and practices of the natural yoga method. It is up and running, and will be renovated this May, to offer more information and to be presented more neatly.

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