Saturday, February 25, 2012

Don't Wait Until Death to Appreciate the Here and Now

When we hear the frightening news of cancer or another ominous health crisis, for ourselves and our loved ones, we suddenly shift gears. We change our ways. We prioritize. When. We or a loved one receives the statement of "how long we have left", we open our eyes and hearts and start to share more freely how we feel. We love more fully, we live more fully. We tell the truth, we play harder, we lighten up, while feeling the very heavy sentence of how fleeting this precious life is.

What the hell is wrong with us?! Why don't we just live like that everyday? In the last few years I have sharply moved in this direction, and still haven't perfected it. But I do try my damnedest to express my love, gratitude, honest thoughts, and do my best to be present as much as possible. It has transformed my world. Some people run or are skeptical because this level of raw kindness and love is simply unheard of in everyday life. I'm okay with that. And I'm not special. Only in the fact that I have the inner freedom to live like this without fear of repercussions. Anyone can do it, we can decide at any time to just open our hearts and to tell everyone the good things we see in them when we notice them.
It empowers people, it strengthens them, it brightens their day and world. At the same time, the very amount of kindness and love we give genuinely without motives is the very amount we receive back. This is just how it works.

We never know when our time in this life will be up. Heaven forbid, we never. Know when we will last see the face of our most precious loved ones. Treasure them everyday. Treasure life everyday. Be quick to be kind, compassionate, sweet, loving, and grateful. You'll live an amazing incredible existence, whether you have 30 days or 30 years or more to go.

Love is all that lives on when we are gone... The memories that we create in the hearts of others.. Love is everything and everything is love.

Every moment is a miracle. Life owes us nothing and we receive so much everyday. Life is an adventure, filled with opportunity, simple and majestic experiences filled with delight. Enjoy this beautiful, bittersweet and brief life!!

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