Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A little spontaneous poem for my baby (and everyone who is someone's baby)

A little background: everything is simultaneously sacred and playful in life. Spontaneous little poems, or phrases, or insights come through me everyday, I guess its just me being me and being lucky to be. I like to sing little songs to my son, some are more serious, some very silly.

This one started when I relaxed in the shower, while he ducked in and out with me. It was followed by a little song to myself, because I felt I was using too much water,(sorry Mother Earth). To the tune of "The More We Get Together", it went: "hurry up and shower, and shower, and shower, hurry up and shower, and get your ass out!" : )

But seriously, this playful little poem-song to follow seemed like a meaningful beginning, a work in progress. As I typed it, it expanded. Enjoy, and blessings to all that is, ever was, everyone, everywhere...


Even when you're old and wrinkly,
When I look at you I'll still see,
My very tiny baby.

Everyone on the street,
Everyone that you meet,
At one time, certainly,
Was someone's precious baby

Even if they are mean,
Even if they're ugly,
Inside they'll still be,
Someone's precious baby.

Even though at first view,
They may not be like you,
Deep inside they do
Have a heart just like you...

We all have a history,
We all have misery,
We all have mystery,
We all want bliss, you see.

So try and be gentle,
Try hard to see,
That everyone, everywhere,
Is still someone's baby.

Even if their mother never knew,
Even if their father didn't do,
Remember still that it's true,
Their existence is the proof,

That they are here to shine,
Here to test the lines,
Walk their path to find,
the treasure in their mind.

There is a reason,
Is a rhyme,
For everyone, everything, and every time.

We have something to contribute,
An attribute,
A gift to this world, just as we live,
And be ourselves, which we give.

And no matter where you go
And what you do, although
I know that you will grow,
In my heart and yours,
You will always be,
My precious little baby.

-Laura Harrison

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