Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Sparrow's Song

We all want to be loved
Hey, we all want to know
That we make someone's heart
Soul Dance

And in my years 
I have seen
Many connections
Soul mates
And fade away
I have no fear

There only is a certain window
I evolve so fast
We are only on the same page
A brief moment
It cannot last
If the other can't 
keep up
With me
This is my reality.

This is how it goes
Nobody knows
Or when
Comes it goes
As soon as one fades
Seems to surface...
There is always one 
Deeper than the rest
And several
Trying their best 
To reach me

Standing my ground, 
staying me, 
not stopping 
to appease

No matter how much
 I want
This one to last...

Give me a few moments
Few breaths
To savor this 
And breathe this love
Into my chest
I cannot rest
If it's a lie
I cannot nest
In a disguise..
I can not 
slow down
I will keep flying
Until I've found
one who isn't lying
Though mildly trying
With best intentions

Just not my match
Purpose pauses
It's not coincidence 
My eyes did catch
Upon your eyes
Within your soul
And recognizing you
Brought me closer to my goal

All you soul mates
That cannot match me
You are lanterns
Guiding me in the night sky
Flying into the breeze

Crisp and refreshing,
Almost biting
But not cruel
This wind stirs me to my depths
It's taking me
Somewhere true

Home is where my heart is
And love is who I am
And I still believe 
There is a love for me
One man

I salute the lanterns
Guiding my flight
Keeping me warm
Momentary delight

But I cannot stop
To stay with you
You would fly with me
If that were true

I love you
I bless you
Thank you, 
Dear Soul

This sparrow 
Must keep flying
Into the unknown.

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