Sunday, November 3, 2013

Her Equal

The love She has is cavernous
And amazing
It is filled with the starry night skies
And still room for oceans
For laughter
For travel

This love She has is sacred
And filled with awe
It is vintage
And sharp
And always present

This love She has is so much
It's too much
For those that cannot bear
A strong woman
A woman who knows her worth
A woman who doesn't need the man
But wants him nonetheless
A woman who cannot be controlled
Or hoodwinked
But who will surrender all of her heart
At the throne of the man she deems worthy

But this one has not yet come
And he had better

This woman needs him not to
Give her a child
Or things
Although she may allow him to
But she needs to love him

But he must know his own heart
And fearlessly seek the truth
As she does
And love her
In a way that turns his soul inside out

He must be a man
But sweet and tender with her
Make love to her madly and almost violently
But somehow with a gentleness
Because he loves every inch of her flesh like the goddess' temple
Sees her spirit in her eyes, smile
And hears it in her words
Never harms her
Weep from his soul if he does
With remorse for harming something so precious and ethereal

Their meeting must be alchemical
Seamless connection on all levels
Intellect, heart, body, and soul
He must love her for her sacred depth
And for her innocent wonderment
And pure unabashed celebration of the simplest delights in life
Maybe because he loves these things too
But has not the delicate words by which to capture it
She weaves them like lace
With a smile untroubled by it's eons of past lives
Radiant with timeless knowing and infinite love

He must dance inside his heart at
How she sings as she cooks
Sways as she walks
Dances in the rain
Must feel everything beautiful with her hands
And her wise eyes, like a girl,
Fullness of presence,
Lapping up life like a kitten with cream
Her Pure and complete joy in the experience of life
Must move him to his deepest core
And even if he is quiet
Must evoke the love as vast as the starry night skies within him

She like the sparrow will not allow
For anything less then this
Caliber of man to hold her
Anything less than this
Truest connection
To become more than just
A passing flicker
In the film of her life

Because she knows herself
And nothing can stop her from
Her glorious outcomes
Except allowing herself to once again forget her worth by lying in the wrong man's arms..

She will never do this
Because she now can feel the secret charge
Within each being
The pulls, the repulsions, between them,
And she knows just what level of contact is called for by this

And only the one that pulls her in like gravity holds us to the earth,
The one that cannot resist her,
Cannot forget her,
Cannot let her pass by,
Will not forfeit his opportunity to win her heart
Because he knows she is more than everything he ever wanted
And there is no one else
Once he meets her,
He knows his life will never be the same after her

He, who knows his heart and doesn't fear hers
He, who is infinitely strong
And can speak her language
Brave enough to remove his armor
And love her as she loves him
He, so awe-inspiring inside and out
He may call her his own
He alone is her equal
And may have her fullest light and love for himself
Mind, body, heart and soul

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