Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How To Direct The Ecstasy

I remember what a day felt like
In times long ago
In the times before I knew
What a yogasana was
Or that God was in everyone

A day was fast
It wasn't much
Nothing special
seemed to happen
I was always half asleep
Living in my own brain

Now that my heart is wide open
And I cultivate awareness
I taste the suchness
Savor many moments
And observe, receive,
Images and intuition
And it is my delight
That everyday holds magic
Countless adventures
Inside my own experience
And in the world
It is all Divine
And because I am aware of this
I live in a miraculous world

But my days are long,
Like four of the old ones,
So please pardon me
For as I'm told
I have too much to say
But that's because my day
Is as full as a week
Is to the unconscious
And I am constantly listening
To eternity whispering to me
In sensations
And images
And inspirations

Days are so rich,
ripe with meaning
Feeling, depth, growth
And I know
I am not the same person when I go to bed
That awoke on the very same pillow

Gazing out the window I see
Nothing but divinity
I am witnessing miracles
And feeling entire universes of joy

And I cannot help but marvel
Cannot resist but to share
This torrent of ecstasy that is pouring through me
But excuse me
I am still learning how to direct it
So it seems.

It is natural to want to pour all of your love into the one or two
That mean the most to you
But once they've had their fill
You must pour that love through your eyes
Through your hands
Through your words
Through your silent listening
Holding the space
In love
For another to unburden their Self

In these polishing stages
Of refinement
I am now learning
How to direct this ecstasy

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