Sunday, November 10, 2013


I believe in 1+1=2
I remain me
And you remain you
But devote ourselves
To the nurturing
Of this love
That has been revealed
As our truth

The proof
Of miracles
In our kiss..

Without improbable

Our first meeting
Could've taken place


With me love
Heaven is not found above
But inside
And in the union of us

In the faces
The places
The lovers
The losses
The pain
The clarity gained

In the hopes
And sorrows
The promising tomorrows
The path of my past was whispering you


I criticized with no malice
The people whose palace
was built
On believing that they were
walking halves
Never whole
Always Alone
Mourning an empty throne
And though I don't condone
That way
Because we are the whole
And wholeness minus wholeness
Still wholeness remains
The value of one or all remains
the same

We are each whole,
You and I
Found it on our own
Each a perfect reflection
Of the universe
Microcosmic macrocosms
Nothing but light and joy
Love and delight
Trusting our insight..

But now
I understand
How one could see
The divinity
Of the merging of two souls,
Meant to be,
As halves

I divine female
And you the male
We create the entire cosmos
I melt:
Out of one body,
Inhabiting two,
And none,
And everything in this universe,
All in one

And your life and peace
Are as dear to me
As my own
Your joy
Is my joy
A perfect reflection
Of each other's light
Two consciousnesses
In the effort
Of living happy and free
In complete flow
With reality

We are nothing
But everything,
But the entire universe,
In two bodies
Joined as one

A sacred
Field of energy
Two souls
Two pieces of the universe
But diverse
Attracted like breath
To the lungs
Light to the eye
It is clear
In you
That all is divine
All I see is you and me
I see you see me
And in you I see
Pure sacredness

If each of us alone
Has the power
To move mountains
Cause fountains
Love to flow
What can we know
What can we reveal
With two hearts
Two minds
And all this love we feel?
What can we create
With two hearts free of hate?

You will uplift millions
And maybe this
Is soul-work for two..
Who feel like one..

Who accept only truth
From self and each other
Sacred lovers
The entire universe loving itself
Love itself loving love itself

Just a magnification
Of the brightest of lights
Through two prisms
Perfectly corresponding
Naturally responding
A unified field of pure love
Two bodies that can form one
Upon will
And will as they will
Because the force of love
is too strong
to remain apart
for very long..

So I think
Now it's shown
My math was
A bit wrong
As it's become known

On our own
We are whole
But together
We are a bigger wholeness
And more greatness
Is possible
With two hearts
Two minds
Two bodies
Two souls
Who know
That they are the light of the sun
And are also one.

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