Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Agony Births Ecstasy

Moods, emotions,
Like waves in the ocean
Come and go
Pulled and pushed 
By unseen forces

But hold tight
Shine on
Let go
Don't you know?

You are not the storms
That assault you
You are not the clutter
In your brain
You are not this flesh
That will become 

So take heed,
Have peace
You are the 
Glow of the moon
The shine of the sun
You are The One
This dance
This drama
This destiny

You are not alone
No matter how much 
Your heart aches
Down to your bones
Tearing at your soul
This pain cannot tarnish
Your never-ending love-light
So don't fight
This pain
Tearing everything
Peeling back the layers 
Tearing it all away
Every place you used to hide
This path is not for the faint
Exposing every detail
Of your humanness 
Enjoy the ride

Because for every freshly exposed layer of skin 
Burning as it faces the light
You step closer to a level of ecstasy that few fathom
Fewer accomplish
When outer life and inner light
Are one

The waves of agony
Are the pangs of contraction 
Giving birth to expanded consciousness & sacred action
You are the expansion of the universe
You are the destruction of worlds
You are the conductor of holy light
Giving dimension and meaning 
To the world
By witnessing miracles 

So when you are in the depths
Of agony
Repeat after me:

I am not this sorrow
I am not this pain
This hurt is beckoning me
To accept reality
Open my heart
And seek the light of joy
Happiness radiates
From the light pouring through my eyes
This pain is just the removal 
Of the disguise 

I will not hide
I will not run
I am the loving witness
The warm light of the sun

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