Thursday, November 14, 2013


You bring me to that fountain of boundless love
You dissolve my form
And melt it into infinite starry skies
No limitations exist between you and I

Now I understand that this love
Is ours and also not ours
Our role is to control it
Not crush it
But aim it
Yes, into each other
But also into every gesture
Every handshake
Into every action
Every breath
Every being
We see
Along the way
Ours is to shine this love
Through our eyes
And pour it openly
Over the landscape
And into the souls
Human, plant and animal

And in trusting the same
Inner knowing which
Beyond all probability
Brought together you and me
Guide ourselves in line
with individual truth
But share those truths and create a third
The connection between you and I
Is an effortless channel of the Divine
And our duty and delight
Is to share this amazing
Loving light

Forgive me my love if I ever get stuck
In loops of immense gratitude
Of celebrating the luck
The grace
That ever showed me your face
My love
Who I have surely known before

We are each other's path
Two together can transcend
And expand much faster
Than independently
And it is so easy
So easy
Because I love you
And from far
My form alone.

We are together
And it's clearly
God's will
That we will
Spread love
Everywhere we go
We were given each other
For each other
And for the benefit
Of this entire world

And you..
I will never be done showing you
Telling you
The way the entire universe loves you through me
Worshipping at the temple of your Divinity
All of my lifetimes
Could not be enough
To exhaust
This love
For you,
My sacred love.

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