Thursday, May 29, 2014

How It All Works

Universe, Universe!

I love you! 

What kind of devious magic you do!

I have everything I need!!

And although you operate in crazy ways;

Synchronistic madness

Apocalyptic sadness

Love beyond words

Tears to the degree of the absurd..

I'll be damned, 

But I wouldn't change a thing.

Though you leave me in temporary agony

Or intense suspense

Momentary distress

You show me I am still your pampered princess

With ecstatic bliss beyond bliss

Love-induced trances of oneness

Love, love, love, 

exciting every particle of my being

Every moment an opportunity for freeing

Seeing has led to believing..

If I focus my heart and mind

What I find

Is what I feel I believe 

And if it's for the best I receive 

Exactly what I dreamed of or better

Don't let fear get the better

Of your heart..

Hard work required

Doubting is fired

I'll be damned 

But I believe


Love is everything.

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