Thursday, May 29, 2014

Omniscient Love

Everything I see,
Speaks of you,
And You and me,
Whispers your name,
Sparks love to flow
Into all I do
Changes all I know

Wherever I go
Everything I feel
Reminds me that
This is more than real
This is meant to be

Even miles apart
This connection is live
Felt in the heart
I feel that electricity
That always flows
Between you and me
And silent
Without words
So often
No matter how distant
Feeling the same damn thing
Perfectly one and completely opposite
Like corresponding pieces
Of divine existence
And I offer no resistance

You draw my eyes
Without end or start
Light my heart
My healer
Steal my breath
Right from my chest
And everything
Less than ecstasy
Instantly arrests
You are exactly
What I strived to manifest

Your existence proves
That love is true
That miracles exist
That eternity persists
And it flows through
Me and you

No matter how many times
That I die
To what
You and I
have so far
It doesn't stop
Doesn't change
Other than to rearrange
And grow
wider in my heart
Like purifying
Or just flying
Since time itself doesn't know
What to do
With me and you

I don't know
What will be
But I see clearly
that reality
Has brought us together
With a love beyond words
More powerful than nature
And bigger than this life
A bond not made
By force of chains
But just made by our souls
as natural as breathing can be
I can't resist you
Nor you me

That our natural reaction
To each other's touch
Is absolute
And limitless love
And the more open we are
The deeper it goes
This is the most sacred love
I have ever known

And I believe
Through ebbs and flows
However this goes
It's going to bring you and I
back to each other
Over and over again

This is omniscient
Never recreated
And never destroyed
We can't help but love each so

Only time will show.

~44, 66, 77.. Xo~

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