Sunday, June 27, 2010

Joie de Vivre- delight in being alive! A Summer Meditation for All!

It's Summertime, the world is warm & green. All of Nature's verdant beauty is before us. Are we delighting in the lusciousness of living, or are we trapping ourselves in habitual dissatisfaction?

Noticing your feelings and actions, catch yourself if you tend to whine about the weather or other uncontrolable factors, like chores. Try not to overcommit yourself, making sure to slow down enough to recharge your mind and body & touch your Spirit as much as you can during these kind months.

Try to greet even the everyday chores of cooking, cleaning & yardwork with an attitude of blissful reverence. Try to touch each moment with love & a smile. Say yes to life. Embrace the Mystery and adventure of our human experiences, big and small. See radiant beauty in nature, in all things, all people, all living beings. Practice mindfulness to really take in the delicious textures, sounds, sights, tastes, emotions of each moment. Let your pallate expand, your heart expand, to see the sacred goodness in all moments. Feel connected to the Source & fabric of all being, as water is connected to a wave. We are part of the dance of life, the cosmic Spirit playfully enjoying physical manifestation through the material plane. We are here to love, to share, to learn & to enjoy Life.


Summer Meditation:
sitting outside, somewhere comfortable & undisturbed, with eyes closed begin mindfully breathing. Turn your awareness within, scanning the body without judgement, smiling Love to your whole being. Continue mindfully breathing, opening the sphere of your awareness to include the symphony of sounds around you. Mindfully breathing, smile to the whole of nature. Feel yourself as part of the Whole. Feel the blissful expansion in your heart & energy as you commune with Nature. You may keep your eyes closed or open them to a soft gaze, drinking in the richness of form, color, texture & beauty. When you feel completed, bring your palms together in loving gratitude, make a wish for all beings to share this wholeness, love and peace. Namaste.

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