Thursday, June 10, 2010

natural method yoga- the definition

Natural Yoga- the methodology

Natural Yoga is a transformative practice that
inspires wellness and fitness in body, mind, heart
and spirit.

The four main points of Natural Yoga are listed
below. Each point builds on the last one.
Other frequent themes in class are non-judgment,
perspective, balance, compassion, choice &

Classes bring physical fitness & flexibility; meditation
via mindfulness practice; cardiovascular exercise
through deep breathing & a little mantra chanting;
& some insights and philosophy to inspire the heart.

Sadhana- living your yoga practice:

Yoga is a way of life- opening one self to the wisdom
& grace of nature, daily life and all living beings. Regular yoga
asana (pose) practice is key- once or twice a week or up to
everyday will strengthen your mindfulness and peace for life-
the ultimate yoga practice.

Mindfulness- unbiased observation of each moment:

As we practice mindfulness in yoga class & in the rest
of our life, it becomes the tool which helps us to see
the wisdom in all of our experiences. Mindfulness is crucial.

Avinabhava- we are inseparable from Nature, we are all one:

With our yoga practice & mindfulness we begin to see, feel,
know and live the truth of the inseperable, vast interconnection
that we all share. This includes our undeniable dependency on &
connection to the whole Earth as an eco-system. We are part
of the natural world, and the more our lives try to deny that truth,
the more we suffer disease & disaster. We need to live in a way
that blends sustainable & renewable resources, energy, & tech-
nology with a simpler way of life connected to nature’s rhythms,
including our diet. A whole food, plant-based (vegan) diet greatly
reduces our carbon footprint & our risk for many diseases.

Live a Love-Centered Life:

Once we realize our interconnection, we see that the happiness
of other living beings is as important as our own, it is the same. We
see their suffering as our own as well. We can make choices in life that put the welfare of the Earth first, because it will impact us all.

When we open our hearts in love to all of the joy and sorrow of life alike, we can truly live vividly. We can endure the ups & downs of life without suffering. We open ourselves up to see divine beauty everywhere, in everyone and everything.

Open, inclusive, unbounded love is ultimately what liberates us from suffering & negativity and brings us to a fulfilling life of deepest happiness, grace and joy.

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