Friday, June 4, 2010

Reading THE CHINA STUDY May Just Save Your Life!

Two years ago, dear friends of mine found out I was eating some dairy again and highly recommended that I read The China Study. I remember the strong feelings they shared about the book. I ended up turning vegan again of my own volition, and filed the book recommendation in my mind, but didn't seek it actively.

My veganism floundered & flopped in the face of 9 months of heavy nausea & strong aversions to my favorite dietary staple: beans. I drifted far and even for the first 6 months of Finn's life we've been using local cheese, milk & eggs.

I am always seeking ways to reduce our impact on the earth, so after much deliberation, we decided to go vegan again. I will share in another post the difference between "grocery store vegan" & "whole foods vegan", but we decided on a whole foods vegan lifestyle.

I finally felt the pull to read The China Study, for added inspiration. I deeply wish that I had only read it 2 years ago. It may have given me the power to have eaten even better for my baby & my self.

The China Study is loaded with the results of numerous studies, all professional and scientific, scholarly studies. Each study provides more & more weight to the theory that Western diseases (obesity, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders & more) are link to animal fat and protein consumption.

The correlation was so strong between cow's milk protein consumption and tumor growth that they literally could turn tumor growth on & off like a switch by raising and lowering protein levels!

We are told meat, milk & eggs are important for our health, so how can it be that they are killing us slowly? The meat & dairy industry have BILLIONS in clout to advertise, advise government recommendations & more. Oprah Winfrey was sued by the meat industry when she did a show on factory farming & said "that's enough to keep me from eating another hamburger again", because special laws are in place to protect the beef industry from libel. That violates freedom of speech, as guarenteed by our constitution!

I have heard of people adopting an organic, wholefood vegan lifestyle, using herbs and surrounding themselves with positive people & attitudes and curing their own cancer. I have seen a video years ago about this. The China Study helps me to remember & to believe.

The China Study talks about studies and through sheer bulk of such information, it provides a startlingly strong case for at least trying a whole food, plant-based diet for a month.

Please don't take my word for it, PLEASE READ THE CHINA STUDY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

I will say that in switching from a vegetarian to a vegan diet, before reading The China Study I noticed that my energy is better, I feel more clean & well, and my metabolism has picked up. I am not deprived, and by eating whole vegan foods, as the book states, you can eat whenever you are hungry, you can trust your body once again.

Animal agriculuture has been around 10,000 years, but humans hae been around for 200,000 years. We ate meat at times, but a token amount compared to the Western diet now. Mostly, we ate plants. Even with animal agriculture, we ate far less of our animal products, still a mostly plant-based diet. Eating excessive animal products was a sign of affluence and was known to be extravegant. That knowledge has been buried by the powers that be.

Please read THE CHINA STUDY and decide for yourself!

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