Saturday, March 19, 2011

End of the world as we know it- beginning of a new level of consciouness

Their is undeniably unrest occuring all over the world- in Libya, Egypt, and all of the nations with extremely unequal distributions of wealth particularly. The suffering, violence and death that often accompanies this kind of struggle is very tragic. Yet, the fact that people are rising up, recognizing their worth and inherent equality is encouraging.

Some say that there is a quickening of consciounesss, an evolution of awareness that has been in crawlingly slow progress since the time of the first humans, that is now building up momentum, speeding us to a new level of existence. It is as if the collective awareness is reaching a critical mass, and that the level of awakened people is tipping the scale, so that to carry on into the future, people must open their minds and hearts to a whole new worldview.

Unrest in the face of egregious oppresion, and the crumbling of the world of materialism reflects both collective awakening and the insubstanciality of a materialistic worldview. If owning clever objects and mountains of stuff was the way to fulfilment and inner peace, then we wouldn't have so many depressed people in the West that water supplies can become contaminated with Wellbutrin (it happened in England). If the way we are living is working, then why do so many people feel confused, unsatisfied and an insatiable emptiness or neediness? If the way we are eating is so good, then why are diabetes, heart disease and cancer so rampant? While in the richest countries where we have everything we need and then a ton of things we don't, in some of the poorest countries people live simply, with few possesions, and often have to go without basic needs, yet there is a deeply spiritual peace that they exude. If true happiness could be bought, if inner peace could be boxed, it'd be sold at Target, and we'd all make sure to pick some up.

So after almost three quarters of a century of hardcore capitalism and rampant material hoarding, we see the results- a deterioration of the social fabric and less genuine connection in families and communities, a deep feeling of loss of morale or disbelief in the innate inner goodness of others or value of life, a degeneration of the abused environment evoking megalithic catastrophies as Earth seeks equilibrium and a whole bunch of useless plastic shit nobody needs like hotdog toasters and disposable everything. All the dispoable objects in the modern world are evocative of the transience and inherent inevitable dissatisfaction you will feel when you place the faith of your salvation in owning objects. We have so much plastic that there is a big island made of junk and plastic bags floating in the ocean off the coast of California, and its so big that it has an official name- the Pacific Garbage Patch. We want to be saved from our inner dissatisfaction, aching, and confusion, we
want to feel whole again. And I think the world is finally coming to its senses, ever so slowly.

We need to live in universal respect and equality. We all need our basic needs met. We need to dispense with pretense, prejudice and persecution of difference, because its not working. We need to live a little simpler and recognize the sacredness inherent in all things and beings, in life itself.

Those who want to cling blindly to their money, possesions, and popular culture like false idols are deep down just afraid to really live. Those who think that their way is the only way, their religion is the only one and that all others must be wrong and somehow not as good or worthy need to wake up. We are all trying to reach the same goal, become our highest potential, describe the Indescribable, feel wholeness, be happy, healthy and free from suffering.

The images of seperation are what are failing. The mirage of caste, of exclusivity, is faltering. People are beginning to see through it now. We cannot be tricked into accepting the lies that proliferate ignorance or attempt to mask greed. The world is waking up. We are all one or none, as Dr. Bronner says. When people talk about "the end of the world in 2012", perhaps its the end of the veil, the ignorance, the end of the shallow and superficial world. That is how I view it- the end of the dog eat dog, fend for yourself, fakey-fake, take all you can, greedy, bigoted, hateful, hurtful, empty and miserable world. The birth of a world of cooperation, community, authenticity, simplicity, universal respect and unity in diversity is imminent.

If you'd like to prepare for this Coming of Consciouness, all you have to do is love your neighbors (all those around you), lighten up, live from your heart and breathe yourself into the moment. Help others at every opportunity, see the inner beauty of all and respect all life, including the earth that provides for our needs. Live honestly and honor your unique spark. Live by a vow of non-harm.

For every one of us that does their best to practice peace, its one more out of 7 billion that is awake and living Love. One by one we shift the tide, drop by drop the bucket is filled and we create the world we wished for. Each of us have the responsibility to make the effort, everyday we must do our best. And in this way, we transform the world. By our example, we lead the next generation. Let love and peace prevail inside and the outside will follow...

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