Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tapas for those who celebrate Lent

Just a thought to inspire your choice of sacrifice or observance for the Lenten season...

If you really want to commemorate Lent, do it in a way that really excites your love for God. Choose to let go of something that is harmful to yourself and others. Choose to sacrifice more time to prayer or meditation to commune with God more. In this way, you are not just giving up an unhealthy habit for a couple months- you are reborn, free from that harmful habit. Your love of God and gratitude for life will give you wings to transcend wasteful ways and show reverence by taking care of this precious life-opportunity!

Go vegan to spare the lives of many animals and to protect the earth. Sacrifice time by volunteering, joyfully serving others, people, animals or nature. Sacrifice time to meditate everyday. Sacrifice energy to walk every single day, for your health and to appreciate all of creation. Do something very special for your children or other loved ones, like committing to home-cooked meals and packed lunches, baking all of your own whole wheat bread or eating meals together around the table. Write a love poem to God or a loved one each day. Do a different random act of kindness each day. Humble yourself in no uncertain terms. Be boundless in your creativity.

Live your love, be your gratitude, worship like an art from your soul. Be your own unique self. Choose a sacrifice that brings wholesome happiness into the manifest world, and reduces suffering for all as well.
Use every opportunity to express your honest gratitude for the miracle that is life.

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