Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Natural Yoga creative projects

Guided practice CD's, a Natural Yoga book, a complete Natural Yoga DVD, and children's books...

All of these ideas may or may not come to fruition, depending on the flow of life, but your feedback is appreciated and influences the creative process.

GUIDED PRACTICE CD'S: these are in progress as we speak, and I'd like to have these completed by mid-Summer. There will be three- gentle, vigorous, and a CD of both gentle and vigorous short practices for mornings and evenings.

NATURAL YOGA LIVING PRACTICE BOOK: this is something I've thought about for years, and I think I am pretty likely to start working on it over the next couple years. I want create a book that offers ways to live your sadhana (spiritual practice) and still be in the everyday world. I want this to be a field guide to living mind, body, spirit health.

THE COMPLETE NATURAL YOGA DVD: I have already touched-base with a local company that will do this project with us. However, this is a longer-term project that will be embraced a few years down the road. I envision it as a very high-end set, including information, special features, multiple meditations and every level of practice from gentle to vigorous. I'd like to include or do as a seperate DVD family practices, from newborn to toddler, and up to age ten. I want the natural yoga DVD to be the only DVD you'd need, lots of information, variety and depth...

CHILDREN'S BOOKS: this is another longer-term project, to be completed in the next five to eight years. I'd like to write and illustrate children's books about yogic topics for those, like myself, who are raising their kids "yoga". Topics would be things like ahimsa (vow of non-harm), oneness and respect for all life, Spirit in all, the way our food connects us to the universe, mindfulness, serving others and so on. They would be universal and open, designed for families that want to raise open minded children, world citizens concerned about honoring all life, spiritual people not forced into any one religion.

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