Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feet and the Expansion of Consciousness

Our feet are our foundation, and if you ask any chiropractor, they'll tell you that most people don't apply their feet evenly or fully on the ground when they stand or move. If the foundation is shaky, filled with aversion, attachment and resistance, then the integrity of the entire structure is compromised. The structure we refer to here is the body, and especially the spine.

The spine is the main component of the nervous system, besides the brain of course, conducting signals to the brain from all over the body. Damage or impingment to the functioning of the spine leads to degradation of overall wellness and the sustainment of the entire body.

There is a concept of seeing our posture, our up-rightness, as indicative of our level of consciousness. I first saw this correlation connection in Will Johnson's book about mahamudra. And it seems to feel right in my experience. Mood and posture intermingle and effect each other. Inspiration, presence, and compassion seem to be easier to find when the body feels lighter and more fully open.

So if you wish to seek the path to enlightenment, start by looking at how your feet engage the earth in each moment.
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