Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What can I give to you?

"I exist not just for my own sake, but by my mere existence seek to somehow brighten the world around me..."

Seeking fitness, eating healthier, and practicing yoga + meditation have changed my life so for the better. I am a better version of me- so much healthier, happier, and thus kinder and more compassionate. My confidence is a million times better then it ever was, and I have so much love and joy in my life. I have so much energy, so much passion, so much experience, and all I want to do is share it. I want everyone to find the best, happiest versions of themselves and to live their lives with great passion.

What can I do to help, to be a guide or assistant on that journey?

What can I give to you? I sincerely wish you'd answer: e-mail, comments, call, write, please!

I have many ideas, but at this moment am just waiting until the right step becomes clear...

I wanted to create a very thorough DVD boxed set with everything- several practices at all levels, information about lifestyle, including healthy eating...

I would like to teach a week-long Natural Yoga Method workshop this Summer in Esperance, eventually teaching at Kripalu a couple times each year.

A couple ideas for books:

A cookbook about using healthy cooking as a way to relax and ground yourself within an otherwise hectic lifestyle.

A simple book of poems and quotes to pick up for random inspiration.

A thorough guide to living a healthier, more passionate and personally-expressive, compassionate life. It will include yoga but not just be a yoga book.

I write numerous blogs with the point of sharing insight and experiences to assist others on the path to deeper happiness. If you enjoy my writing, please follow this blog, and may it serve you.

I also post YouTube videos, on the Natural Yoga Method channel. These free insight and yoga practice videos can help you to practice at home. Please let me know if you have any requests- please!!

I have so much to give and wish to be a resource to the Universe in its unfolding. I am just one little being, and while I have much unfolding of my own left to do, I am clear that a significant part of that blossoming lies in serving others in any way possible.

I exist not just for myself, but by my mere existence seek to brighten the world around me. In opening myself to serve others, I grow. In looking out for another's happiness, ours expands. In giving, we receive.

It can sound so trite, but open your heart and try, and tell me what is the truth of your experience? We need to dissolve the cynical shells we have developed around our hearts. They only keep love out and pain in. Our society doesn't teach us what we need to know to live passionately and with the level of fulfillment that we deserve and desire. We need to bravely carve our own paths in harmony with our individual truth. We need to respect the differences between each of us if we ever wish to find where we are the same. Inner peace, being in harmony with one's self, as Marcus Aerelius said, puts us in harmony with the Universe. Peace between us can only exist when there is harmony within us.

Please tell me what it is that I can do for you, give to you, to help you take the next step on your journey.
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