Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Green Yogini

I feel extremely passionate about offering "Green Yogini" in-home services. For those that are not sure about trying yoga, are uncomfortable practicing in a group-setting, or want to learn hands-on how to take their practice off the mat and into their everyday life, I am grateful to offer this incredible service.

The fees are flexible, set on a sliding-scale based on what clients can afford. A free consultation is offered to interview each other, and to discuss and formulate a plan as to what combination of these services would be the perfect fit for your life.

The services can include many things: chemical-free, natural, "green" housekeeping; yoga + meditation lessons; teaching healthy, whole foods cooking; preparing ahead healthy meals for the week; personal organization, home re-design, and arrangement to make the space more conducive to positive energy; and more.

The environment around us impacts our mind and body. A cluttered or constrictive space produces a stressed, overly busy, cluttered mental state. A clear, organized, and harmoniously arranged space leaves a feeling of clarity, focus, and creative inspiration.

The Green Yogini services can be used to free more time for what is most important in life: loved ones, travel, adventure, creativity or relaxation. For example, for a busy professional having healthy meals prepared for the week can free up some precious time for relaxation. Having cleaning services every other week can help a hard-working couple enjoy more time with their children, and to feel more relaxed while doing so.

I use no chemicals, only safe and effective, inexpensive and simple, natural products. I can teach how to use them, and require each client to have their own cheap green cleaning kit, in this way the home can be safer, cleaner, and the health of the people and pets will not be jeopardized by harmful, environmentally hazardous products. Natural products can be significantly less expensive then regular products.

My goal with these services is to spread the benefits of yoga and meditation off the mat, and to individuals that may not be ready or open to actual yoga practice. All of these services are informed and based on yoga and meditation practices and the sort of freedom and wisdom they reveal deep inside through actual practice. Everyone has a unique gift and place in this world, everyone has the right and desire to have deep happiness and freedom from suffering. By helping individuals and families to remove some of the roadblocks on the path to greater health and wholeness, I feel as though I am making my unique contribution to this world.
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