Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How To Follow Your Heart in Plain English

Sometimes I struggle with describing what I consider, after being present, the very center of yoga- following the heart-conscience.

I think the best word for it came to me this morning while doing some inspired writing to a loved one- PASSION. How simple! How honest! We all have passion about different things, and whatever inspires that passion, that passion itself, should never be ignored. It is the very center of our existence. Passion connects us to the creative forces within us and to unconditional love. We are passionate about other people, animals, nature, music, sports, causes, beauty... Every person is inspired in a different way by a different combination of things.

To ignore our passion is to be half-alive, half-dead. Following passion honestly, boldly and bravely leads to fulfillment and success. Passion is connected to compassion- we can see how others have passion, love, hopes, and a desire to be happy and free from suffering just like us. We see that although we may not know them, they are someone somewhere's loved ones. We expand our circle of compassion by living with passion.

That is the simplest way to express what it is to follow the heart- follow your passion. An otherwise vague and esoteric subject can be summarized as concisely as that.
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