Friday, January 18, 2013

Let It Come When It May

Let it Come When It May
By Laura Harrison

I'm letting go of the love I had known,
The love I had found,
I had thought it my own,
And it quickly disintegrated in my hands,
Fell through my fingers,
and left me alone,

But alone, I recall,
Is something I rather enjoy,

But when I think of what I thought I had,
I am in terrible pain,
That tears at my heart and sucks me down to my knees,
That's why holding too tightly to what's past
Is actually a disease..

So I'm breathing and letting go,
And letting go again,
And then letting go of a little more,
So that this heartbreak may be useful to wipe the slate clean,
And I will let go of all that is no longer me,
I will let go of my past and  let go of him,
Of all I used to be and thought I was,
Of everything I ever knew,

And when I awake, as my eyes open,
It is as if I am seeing the entire universe for the first time,
It is my first smile,

And I am free to be myself..


I recall, I need not pander for love,
Everything, everyone, light and nature,
And Love itself loves me,

I am held by the sunlight and it knows me as its own,
I am the sweetness within the sweetness of love,
I am strength, I am Ma Kali..
I am Radha... I am Parvati,...

But I remember myself as perfect just as me,
And I cannot care if you ever love me,
Love comes from all directions and from far beyond form,
And I will shine love, and give endlessly my love like the fountain of youth,
But I cannot make time with those whose affections are heavy,
Who crush my light and delicate form,
For I am a flower,
And a flower needs no one to tell her
That she is elegance and grace.

Simply to open and to release her fragrence
is enough.

And I must stay strong and true
To who
I am

And trust that when I am in full enough bloom
One sweet lover will appreciate
My form and fragrence fully..

And honor me with word and deed,
Breath and desire,
That our love will be weightless,
And our passion a fire
That can last for a while
For a blessed time side by side,
Nourishing each other's wholeness,
Seamless connection of love,
No pressure or boundaries,
No cages, no strings,
But single-pointed, untangled,
Bound by mutual respect and awe,
Deeply desirous and unabridged,
Unselfish and ethereal,
The realest of things.
A love that binds not,
But grants us each wings.

Open and following my heart,
Let it come when it may,
Although hoping and excited,
I find love in each day.
I thought I found a partner,
And must have been wrong,
So I healed the wound where that was torn away,
And I live in the wholeness of my beautiful life,
But with shining, open beckoning,
Let it come when it may.

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